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Ethanol Co-Products

A kernel of corn is about two-thirds starch, which is converted to ethanol. The remaining nutrients-protein, fat, fiber, minerals and vitamins are concentrated into distillers grains and condensed distillers solubles. Condensed distillers solubles are partially dehydrated into a syrup form and added back into the distillers grains to increase the feeds nutritional value. Distillers grains with solubles can be used either as a wet (DWGS) or dry (DDGS) product. DDGS is dried to about 10-12 % moisture and because of its increased transportability it is the most common form. DWGS is approximately 34% dry matter and 66% moisture. DWGS is a very palatable, high quality feed but because of a shorter shelf life and higher transportation costs, it is used by the local feed industry. 

For current availability and prices of DWGS, DDGS, or syrup, please contact us at 800-233-9948 ext 3263 or 402-460-3263.

Co-products generated by Ethanol production
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